Parent Information

Remote Learning

In the uncertain times that we are currently living in, it is important that we are fully prepared for the possibility that we may have to have a full or partial closure of school depending on the local Covid-19 situation. 

There will also be instances where individual children will be self-isolating due to coming into contact with a positive case of Covid 19. 

While pupils are not in school, teachers will provide learning through a workbook-based approach. Your teacher will inform you via the chat facility on Microsoft Teams which pages your child will need to complete. Please check Microsoft Teams regularly for updates. It is important that your child follows the instructions given by the class teacher and does not go on to complete other pages in the workbooks. The workbooks should be returned to school when your child’s isolation period has finished.

Once we have been notified that your child’s self-isolation period has commenced, the school will deliver the learning workbooks to your child’s home within 48 hours.

Once children have completed their work, where possible, please take a photo of what they have produced, attach it to a message in the chat facility set up for you in Microsoft Teams and send it back to your child’s class teacher for feedback. Where you are not able to upload work, please give some written feedback about how your child coped with their learning each day via the chat facility on Microsoft Teams.

We understand that parents may have queries about tasks pupils are asked to complete, therefore there is a chat facility on Microsoft Teams for you to use. We would request that parents limit their questions to no more than two questions each day to enable teachers to be able to answer everyone’s questions in a timely manner. Please bear in mind that depending on both the school’s and personal circumstances of the teachers; staff will only be able to answer questions at various points in the day, so again please bear with them – they will get back to you when they can.

Finally, while your child is away from school, the school Learning Mentor, Mrs Derry, will contact you by phone to see how your child is getting on.

Parents can access Teams User Guides on the school website below to support them if needed.

Please use the links below for further information:

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Parents Agreement Letter 


On Line Resources

Times Tables Rockstars

All children from Year 2 to Year 6 have a logon for Times Tables Rockstars. This is a fantastic website that supports children in learning their times tables. 

Once your child has logged in they should play in Garage mode. This has an automatic training mode which starts with easy times tables and as the children get them correct it adds in more and more times tables. This means that it is pitched at the right level for the children so they're able to practise getting quicker at tables that they know rather than struggling over many that they don't know. 


Early Years Resources

This is a set of activities which children aged 3-5 years will be able to access from home in the event of needing to self isolate;


Oak Academy

Oak National Academy has been set up to produce a full curriculum with linked videos that can be used at home. In the event of remote education being required teachers will sometimes provide you with links to the relevant Oak Academy lessons to use with your children that match to the curriculum being taught in school.