The Ridgeway Curriculum

Writing at Ridgeway

Writing at Ridgeway is at the heart of our curriculum, embedded in all subject areas. High-quality texts are drivers for all writing, with foundation subjects and writing coming together collaboratively, creating a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Writing genres are year group specific, allowing for explicit teaching, with incidental writing opportunities weaved throughout to allow children chance to reflect and deepen their understanding in a range of contexts. All topics allow children the opportunity to immerse themselves within a picture book (KS1) or novel (KS2), chosen carefully to engage pupils, based on the children’s interests and the need of the cohort. In addition, high-quality non-narrative texts and poems are incorporated to support and enhance the teaching and learning.

Ridgeway’s English Mastery structure is taught from Year 1 to Year 6, which allows children a plethora of opportunities to engage collaboratively, practise their skills, deepen their understanding and reflect on their learning. Teachers create high-quality pieces of writing, modelling the expectations for each lesson. Editing and improving is valued when children create a piece of writing; it is taught explicitly, as well as through immediate feedback from the adult, whereby children use their ‘Purple Polisher’ to up level, improve and redraft their initial thoughts.

Exploring and developing our children’s understanding and use of verbal, as well as written vocabulary, is integral to our English curriculum. Language is explicitly taught and celebrated. Teachers expect all children to use up levelled vocabulary across all subjects, enabling children to further improve their knowledge of the wider world. Visual prompts are displayed to expose children to high-level language that they would not necessarily encounter daily. Children are actively encouraged to practise exploring vocabulary, using and applying these words in order to improve their speaking and listening, as well as writing, ability.