Curriculum Drivers

ExpresSive Communicators

Our curriculum encourages pupils to talk in all areas of learning; communicating their ideas in a range of different and imaginative ways, so they are able to communicate effectively with confidence and enthusiasm. Children are taught to speak and listen with respect and to broaden their vocabulary through the asking and answering of questions to further their understanding. We believe that reading grows minds and we use a range of inspiring literature to broaden horizons, develop imaginations and provide a rich vocabulary through which to construct knowledge and understand the world. Being able to write clearly in many different forms remains a key skill and our curriculum uses every opportunity to develop this ability.

HealThy Champions

It is important to us that all members of our school community are healthy - physically and mentally. Throughout life, our children will face many difficult challenges and need to have the mental and physical strength to be successful and happy. Life is more than just a digital screen, we provide a curriculum rich in sport and physical activity along with participation in positive competition to develop resilience and give children the confidence to ‘have a go’. We provide opportunities for our children manage risk and elements of danger through exploring and having fun. 

Life Long LeArners

Learning at Ridgeway is promoted in a fun and exciting way. The four R’s of our Growth Mindset philosophy of being resilient, resourceful, reciprocal and reflective at school and beyond cannot be underestimated and our curriculum reflects this.  Our children need to become resilient to be able to deal with different challenges across the curriculum and in the wider world. They need to develop the ability to solve problems without giving up.  Developing the skills to work independently and become resourceful will be key to this. Positive relationships and reciprocal working are promoted to enable all pupils to feel safe and cared for in an ethos of teamwork and respect. Pupils reflect on their learning to ensure a real depth of knowledge is gained. 

WoRld Citizens

Our curriculum enables our children to develop an understanding about their local community where they live and the wider world, by providing opportunities for learning within and beyond the classroom. Through learning about the world, our children to develop a sense of pride in themselves and respect for others. We expect excellent manners and mutual respect from all in order to experience positive relationships where children understand how actions and decisions impact on others and the world around them. Pupils are encouraged to share their views and opinions within all areas of school life, knowing that their voice matters, recognising the importance of using their skills knowledge and beliefs to impact positively on the wider community. Links to other schools, local businesses, heritage and cultural organisations, voluntary groups and other faith communities are developed. Children are aware of world events and have a growing general knowledge.

Open to posSibilities

Children cannot aspire to things that they have never encountered. Our curriculum opens their eyes to new possibilities so they can develop aspirational attitudes and understand how to achieve their full potential. We work to broaden our children’s horizons; expanding their knowledge of the world of work by nurturing their interests as well as encouraging a fearlessness of what is new or unknown. We enable them to become independent in thought and action and encourage them to imagine, enquire and become increasingly enterprising. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves to gain high aspirations about what their future ‘world of work’ may look like. Entrepreneurship is encouraged by engaging the children in activities that fire their imaginations towards enterprise and fund raising.