The Ridgeway Curriculum


Art, Craft and Design should be enjoyable and fun. It should develop a child’s imagination and enable them to express themselves in a creative way.

What is Art and Design?

Art and Design is a means of stimulating children’s creativity and imagination through visual, tactile and sensory experiences. Through experimenting with colour, form and texture, it offers a unique way of helping children to understand and respond to the world around them. Investigating different art forms and design products, allows children to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas about life in different times and cultures.



Our Aims at Ridgeway

At Ridgeway we aim to provide children with a rich variety of opportunities to acquire and expand their skills in this area.

We aim to teach children to:

There is an emphasis on continual development and standards in creativity and skills.

Creativity and the 2014 Curriculum

Throughout the school, art and design skills are taught through a creative curriculum, which is flexible and appropriate to meet the needs of specific groups of children. Wherever possible, the school aims to teach the necessary skills alongside other curriculum areas in order to enhance creativity. The teaching and learning objectives are carefully balanced to ensure full coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum. Key skills from the curriculum are taught in a cyclical manner to ensure that children have the opportunity to revisit and build upon their expereinces. This results in progression of skills from Early Years age through to Y6. Children are encouraged to use the skills they have been taught and apply them in different contexts, for example creating Anglo-Saxon prints and traditional Chinese painting techniques.

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